Abrham Smith

DBA/Senior Software Engineer

Abrham is a PostgreSQL, Redshift, and MongoDB Database Administrator at XTIVIA. He is tasked with managing most open source and free database solutions. He has over 18 years of IT experience which includes network management, software engineering, project management, and database administration. He has completed large projects throughout the private and public sector, with a wide range of knowledge over many platforms and solutions.

PostgreSQL Clustering and Replication Options

Figuring out when to cluster can be a mountain to climb in itself, but combining that with figuring out which software to use can often be an insurmountable task. In this article I will go over the clustering options available for PostgreSQL and highlight their... read more

Installing PostgreSQL on Ubuntu VirtualBox

PostgreSQL on Ubuntu VirtualBox When you first start diving into a new database it’s always difficult to know what environment parameters and resources to use to just get started. I will walk you through setting up VirtualBox, Ubuntu, and PostgreSQL to get you... read more

Redshift Query Queues Inspection

Query Queues are set up in Redshift Workload Management and are designed to give the administrator freedom to assign more or fewer resources to given groups or users. On occasion, you will need to inspect these queues to see which queries are running in which queues... read more

PostgreSQL Database Monitoring Tools

The number one priority in any production environment, beyond availability, is performance. End users want a smooth and quick experience, while the pressure mounts on you to deliver faster response times. Since PostgreSQL monitoring is arguably one of the most... read more

MongoDB: Mtools and Slow Queries

Mtools is a third party tool suite that contains very easy to use utilities for troubleshooting or just gathering general knowledge about your MongoDB instance. These tools can be crucial when performance tuning, running a health check or examining log files. You can... read more

MongoDB Sudden Slow Database Performance

Sometimes you may notice that everything in MongoDB is running fine, then you suddenly have performance issues that come up out of nowhere. There can be several reasons why this happens but I am going to cover a few of the common ones here. Long-running queries Index... read more